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Gispán® Terra

A GISPÁN® Terra is an integrated geographic informational system for the municipalities, which is a modularly constructed family of programs on a geo-informational basis. Development of the system is carried out, taking into account the market conditions and opportunities, using the most advanced tools. Watching the directions of technological development, the philosophy of the build remains the same so that municipalities and local authorities can make use of the latest achievements at minimal cost.

The GISPÁN® Terra fully works on GIS base; consequently, all of the records in the register have map connections. GIS analysis can be made in the databases managed by the system with text and graphic tools.

The GISPÁN® Terra supports the tasks and workflow of the council by the functions of its subsystems. There are general modules, carrying out core tasks, necessary for the operation of the integrated system, providing common and standardised background for each subsystem. For example, these modules are the Framework – which synchronizes and delivers a common user interface – and the Permission subsystem – which controls the rights of the individual users. Other subsystems support a specific area of use (like the Real Estate – Register, Public Place Usage, etc.) The subsystems are able to operate independently of each other, which allow the authorities to implement applications according to their own needs, in several steps if needed.