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Company’s history

In 1989, the company has been established by the founders - software engineers with many years of experience in midrange and mainframe computer technology. The design and development of geographical information systems, along with the creation of complex, intelligent geographical databases was determined as the company’s core profile.

After the beginnings, in the “heroic age of geoinformatics” we are building the country's first conceptual plan of a system for the capital and completely carrying out all the planning and programming for the first two public utility projects in the country.

We started to work with MicroStation platform and for database management we have selected ORACLE. Later, we expanded our capabilities to virtually all geoinformatical platforms and in one-another project we worked with other types of databases as well. We have also created our own geoinformatical tools, by help of which, we developed “PC Tourist” – a European touristic informational product, sold on CD – for a German order in 1993. It was followed by “PC Atlas” and “Unsere Erde” which were sold in more than 50000 copies in the German-speaking territories.

In the mid-90 's, we start developing a system for municipalities called GISPÁN®, which still successfull by now. At the same time we open up new business of digitalizing cadastral and public utility maps. In the year of 1997 we start the development of an integrated, general information technology systems for water utilities, which continue to this day.

At this time there were two unique development of great importance: National Tourist Information System on behalf of Hungarian Tourism cPlc. and Environmental GIS System for the Ministry of Environment.

Our publications of geoinformatics through the internet are starting up in the second half of the 90 's. This strategically important task accomplished with the help of open-source freewares - Linux, PostGIS, MapGuide Open Source.

On the eve of the Millennium, we created a Service Department, whose task is to provide on-going support for the users of our systems and to improve effectiveness of help in daily work. Within two years, for a long-term and successful use of systems by our municipal and public utility clients, we are signing annually renewable contracts for maintenance and support.

In the first decade of the new millennium, the greatest challenge is integration, in the spirit of which we have created multiple interfaces (SAP, Libra, WebSCADA, WebEye, OpAL, the HCWP, IRMA, etc.). The system integration was put in the focus in the risk-based Maintenance Management System, which was built on new system of instruments and developed with the help of GOP 1.1.1 tender. This development enables functional connectivity of our municipal and public utility systems in a single platform named GISPÁN® City-Cloud Platform, a tool for modern and efficient exploitation of the city.

In the life of our company the international relations has been always important. We worked with partners from Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom as of developing programs and digitizing as well. At the beginning of the 2010s, we start foreign extension again – this time to the East –, but anyway, the main goal remains the same: work honestly, keeping in mind the interest of our present and future users.